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Advanced Transportation & Logistics

South Central Coast Regional Consortium

Ensuring that California has a Highly Skilled Clean Transportation and Logistics Workforce.

ATL (Formerly CETI, ATRE, Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy) represents an array of clean energy technologies that form a critical part of California’s strategy for reducing its climate change impact and its dependency on foreign energy, as well as growing a robust green economy by helping California’s businesses remain competitive in a global market.

California has always been a world leader in clean energy technologies, but to advance our competitiveness a superior workforce – skilled for the rapidly changing clean energy technologies – must exist. Ensuring that California has a highly skilled, clean energy workforce is the goal of the Advanced Transportation and Logistics Sector and the focus of its state-level Sector Navigator and regionally focused Deputy Sector Navigators.


  • Electric, Hybrid, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Programs
  • Gaseous Fuel Programs for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Gaseous Fuel Programs for Light Duty Vehicles
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Programs
  • Railroad Operation Programs
  • Aeronautics and Flight Technology Programs
  • Motorcycle Maintenance Programs
  • Automotive Clean Air Car, Emissions Programs
  • Photo Voltaic, Concentrated Solar, Geothermal, and Wind Technology Renewable Energy Programs

Jannet Malig, Statewide Director, Advanced Transportation & Logistics
Phone: 562-860-2451 ext. 2912

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