ExpoFest 2018 Draws Over 1,000 People to Hancock College

Over a thousand people attended the 2018 ExpoFest on Saturday at Hancock College, hosted by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce in an effort to connect the agriculture and energy industries and other local businesses with the community.

The decades-old event "gives an opportunity for all of our chamber members to come out and show the public what's around in the community," said Chamber CEO Glenn Morris.

Usually held at the Fairpark, ExpoFest was moved to the Hancock campus this year.

"It's the first time we're doing it outdoors, and it's also a first of many other things," Morris said. "This year, we have a featured industry section, which is where all of our local oil, gas and energy production folks are gathered around the back perimeter of the venue, and everyone else in the middle for a huge party."  Read more...


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