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Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies

South Central Coast Region

Agriculture, Water, and Environmental Technologies (AWET) Resources during COVID-19

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Why Agriculture, Water, and Environmental Technologies?

California represents one of only five Mediterranean-growing regions in the world and sets the pace for the nation as the country’s largest agricultural producer and exporter. Agriculture represents a key economic driver for the South Central Coast Region—supporting high-wage, high-skill jobs across the value chain in support, production, processing, packaging, and distribution. With clean water as our most valuable resource, maintaining an adequate supply of water and increasing efficiency of its use has become a high priority. Drinking water, drainage systems, crop irrigation, flood control, and wastewater services are all part of the water management infrastructure. Mission-critical occupations in water science/technology will experience labor shortages in the near future. Lastly, occupations in the field of environmental technology are cross-cutting, serving virtually all industry sectors. Environmental engineers, scientists, and technicians support jobs in air quality, emergency preparedness and response, safety and health, waste management, natural resource management, and many other fields.  The eight community colleges in the South Central Coast Region are well positioned to address these critical needs.

Holly Nolan Chavez, Regional Director
Allan Hancock College
805.922.6966 ext. 5276

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