Cuesta College Psychiatric Tech Program Earns Accolades, Open for Application

Recently, Cuesta College was honored for its Career Technical Education program successes with multiple 2018 Strong Workforce Star recognitions. The CA Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office analyzed college programs throughout the State whose students showed significant gains in factors important in building a skilled workforce, such as advancing personal social mobility via a substantial increase in earnings, attainment of a living wage, and employment in a job closely matched to the field of study. 

Cuesta College’s Psychiatric Technician program earned a Gold Star, the top Strong Workforce Star recognition. According to the Chancellor’s Office, graduates of the college’s Psychiatric Technician program see an average of 245 percent increase in earnings, 86 percent of students attain the regional living wage upon program completion, and 100 percent of student graduates are employed in a job similar to their field of study. 

The Psych Tech program is currently accepting applications for classes that begin in January of 2019, but the deadline to apply is coming up – September 7.



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