10 years after tragedy, Cuesta psych tech program offers mom a chance to ‘better my life’

Jasmin Harris has experienced a wide spectrum of emotions over the past year as she’s worked through Cuesta College’s psychiatric technician program at Atascadero State Hospital.

A 36-year-old single mother of two, Harris has sacrificed time with her children and overcome self-doubt and fear of an intimidating environment in pursuit of a career she hopes will be life-altering for a family that has already endured unimaginable loss. Harris’ ambition to provide a better life for herself and her kids is rooted in an event that took place nearly 10 years ago.  

Harris, who grew up in Los Osos and attended Morro Bay High School, was 26 years old when she gave birth to identical twin boys, Isaiah and Elijah, in 2009.   Read more...


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