Young Farmers and Ranchers club takes root at Hancock College

A new student group at Hancock College hopes to help budding farmers and ranchers take root and bloom into full-fledged agricultural professionals.

Last fall, eight students started the Hancock College Young Farmers and Ranchers, a youth-oriented affinity group backed by the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau. With a goal of cultivating leadership skills and promoting a greater understanding of local, statewide and federal issues facing the industry, members hope the club will help them build connections and open the door to internships or other hands-on learning experiences.

"I know Young Farmers and Ranchers [groups] are big in other places, especially the [Central] Valley, but around here there wasn’t any option for us," said Marcos Ramos, one of the club's founding members. He said the group gives him opportunities he didn’t have in high school to explore careers in agribusiness.



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