CCCCO Economic and Workforce Development Program ANNUAL REPORT

Economic and Workforce Development Program Annual Report for 2015-16.

The Economic and Workforce Development program is an incubator of educational and workforce innovation for the Golden State. Specifically, it invests in the development, execution and distribution of world-class skills training to Californians seeking to be work-ready employees in the California businesses that need them to thrive. The program is a critical conduit that combines the unique assets of local academia, industry and other stakeholders to create opportunities and enable social mobility for Californians. Moreover, Economic and Workforce Development funds, when braided with funds from other sources like the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act and the state Career Technical Education Pathways Act (SB1070, 2012), can empower tremendous growth for the state. This report highlights our efforts in building a strong workforce through the state’s seven macroeconomic regions and 10 targeted economic sectors and industries.

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