Effective Teaching Practices

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Effective Teaching Practices
Starla Ewan will be returning this September 16, 2016 in San Luis Obispo, location to be announced. Last year August 2015, the DSN Health sponsored an “Effective Teaching Strategies” workshop with national speaker Starla Ewan in Ventura County for High School Teachers in partnership with Workforce Education Coalition and VC Innovates.
This one day hands-on training provided for 16 teachers from area high schools to engage in learning with Ms. Ewan on instruction of anatomy with the use of clay. Hands-On Body System diagrams and activities provided lessons that are creative, informative, thorough, and fun for students. The human body is so complex; these excellent building activities provided learning at its highest level and help students retain information. Teachers were able to utilize kits and each teacher was sent home with kits for up to 30 students. “The workshop was FANTASTIC! I will implement this into my curriculum this year. This supports NGSS and will capture the attention of students from all levels. It is not only science but crosses over to art, athletics tech. Thank you for letting Starla teach us”. This past week, one of the representatives from the Workforce Education Coalition visited one of the classrooms and shared this STEM-Ersion teacher's classroom to observe her class working with clay. This is great return on the investment from the SB 1070 funds in action. For more information please contact John Cordova (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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