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The ATI Academy is a comprehensive lineup of courses designed to help you excel and expand your knowledge as a nurse educator. The ATI Academy offers a variety of Continuing Education Unit Courses ranging from "Item Writing" to "Creativity in the Classroom". For a limited time, the Health Workforce Initiative has contracted with ATI Nursing Education to provide you access to ATI Academy Courses. A large variety of offerings are available. Contact HWI staff today to obtain a code. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (530) 892-3060 to obtain a code to create your account today!

Free Nurse Faculty Webinars with NurseTim Inc.

Earn nursing contact hours with these practical webinars. New topics added each month with take-home information you can use immediately! Our subscription code will waive the webinar cost and CE Credit fee. Subscription code: buthwi075110216. Click here for a catalog of webinars click 'Webinars', click "Sign In", then choose "First Time Signing in? Register here" to login for the first time. Enter your information and our subscription code. Click here for PDF Directions.

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