Health Occupations in California a COE report

Key Findings 2014

The Centers of Excellence, in partnership with business and industry, deliver regional workforce research customized for community college program decision making and resource development.

Healthcare is one of the largest employers in California, providing a wide range of well-paying career opportunities
for residents. In 2014, the Centers of Excellence partnered with the Health Workforce Initiative (HWI) and the
California Hospital Association (CHA) on two healthcare surveys to assess workforce needs at both state and regional
levels. The surveys targeted three healthcare sectors:
• Hospitals provide medical, diagnostic, and treatment services to inpatients and some outpatient services.
• Ambulatory Healthcare Services provide healthcare services to outpatients in settings such as offices of physicians,
outpatient care centers, and laboratories.
• Nursing and Residential Care Facilities provide residential care combined with either nursing, supervisory, or
other types of care as needed.pdfkf_hcare_ca_14.pdf

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