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South Central Coast Region

During my eight years in the role of Deputy Sector Navigator and later Regional Director of Employer Engagement, I have had the opportunity to positively influence and provide guidance to the South Central Coast Consortium (SCCRC) and the state. My highlights are a reflection of partnership with Industry, Information and Communication Technologies & Digital Media (ICT/DM) faculty, and colleagues. In my first year, I created and lead the statewide Digital Media Educators Conference (DMEC) hosted at College of the Canyons which continued for five years. By dynamically convening a regional cross-disciplinary ICT team representing the eight colleges, we were able to design curriculum, provide train the trainer opportunities, and support each other which was an honor and privilege during my tenure – I consider each faculty member a friend and a leader in their field. Undertakings I designed and administrated for the SCCRC region have also been adopted into other regions as best practices such as the Career Services Jobspeaker regional Hub and Virtual Labs using Practice Labs.

Through an Industry-Driven Regional Collaborative (IDRC) grant, I was able to develop a Healthcare Information Technology certification (HCIT) with John Cordova (then Regional Director for Health) that aligned with the national certification standard of The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). I would be remiss if I did not mention the industry powerhouse that existed as a statewide ICT/DM team of Regional Directors with Steve Wright as our Statewide Director! Sharing our knowledge, best practices and problem solving were a highlight of our joint efforts and allowed each region to prosper from the combined knowledge of our expertise. As I sunset in this position, I am considering several options regarding my next steps which may include continuing to work with the Community Colleges within the SCCRC region.

A Fond Farewell,

Paula Hodge

Resources and supporting information for ICT/DM Sector:

  • Hello DMEC Fans! After an hiatus since 2018 …… We are Back and we are Virtual !!!!  Thanks to the Western Academy Training and Support Center (WASTC), we are having the Digital Media Educators Conference (DMEC), digital style. Find out more and submit a proposal at: WASTC DMEC 2021

Remote Certification Testing: CompTIA Remote Exam Ability in 30 Days 

Per the VP, Strategic Academic Relationships of CompTIA:

Across the entire economy, employment fell by 20.5 million jobs in April, the worst one-month loss in the history of reporting by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employment did fall in the IT industry, but compared to most other industries, the losses were relatively modest. Of the 20.5 million lost jobs, IT represented less than 1% of the total. The unemployment rate for IT professionals increased to 4.3%, still well below the national rate of 14.7%.Employer job postings for IT professionals decreased as well, although not as much as expected. The April rate of 270k postings was not too far off the 24-month average of 295k. In some states and metro areas, the counts were nearly identical to the previous month, indicating segments of employers remain focused on filling critical roles and/or to meet increased customer demand. Note: because of the volatility of the situation, we have to be cautious in using monthly data at the IT occupation level. Also, as a reminder IT industry employment is a measure of technical professionals and business professionals (think everyone working at Microsoft). Lost jobs at the industry level tend to skew toward business professionals in times such as these.

Distance Education Techniques

Connecting With Your Learners Before, During and After Class

VIDEO: Highlighting the student experience with the Computer Networking/ Information Technology (CNIT) program at Oxnard College; supporting Ventura County Community College District.


Why ICT and Digital Media?

Over the last generation or so, Information and Communication Technologies and Digital Media (ICT-DM) have spawned a paradigm shift in modern economies and societies. These technologies have permeated every industry and most organizations, changing ways companies operate and interact with customers and suppliers, how human beings organize and manage their lives, how people communicate, and how most workers do their work.

ICT-DM is transformational at every level and impacts companies in California from small businesses to global leaders in this dynamic and quickly evolving space. ICT-DM is strategically important and relevant to citizens, governments, industries, students, and for workforce and economic development.

Paula Hodge, Regional Director
South Central Coast Region

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