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Program Recommendations Submission Process

South Central Coast Region


The California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) requires that all requests to add new Career and Technical Education programs include a recommendation from the Regional Consortium.  This recommendation ensures program offerings meet regional labor needs and do not unnecessarily duplicate programs. While every new associate degree and certificate with 12 or more units must undergo a LMI review, certificates under 12 units that are part of a stackable program may bypass the process. The certificate is part of a stackable program if one of the following criteria is met:

  • The certificate prepares students for similar occupations as the overall program
  • Or – The certificate targets incumbent workers and will help them advance in their career

For additional information, see the Chancellor’s Office Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH), 7th Edition, October 2019

Regional Program Recommendation Process

If you are you a CTE faculty member who has been tasked with developing a new CTE certificate or degree (program) for your college, you will need to secure regional consortium recommendation from the South Central Coast Regional Consortium (SCCRC) before you submit your program approval documents to the State Chancellor’s Office for formal approval (chaptering).

Your college CTE Voting Dean can advise you on the regional recommendation process and your college’s own curriculum approval process. You should also consult your college’s curriculum committee chair (or designee) early in the development process.

Submission Process

Step 1: New Program Announcement

Notice of Intent to Submit Program for Regional Recommendation

A new or substantial change to existing programs may be announced at a regional meeting or by submitting a Notice of Intent to Submit a Program for Regional Recommendation form. This provides an opportunity to inform the regional colleges, Deputy Sector Navigators and other Key Talent of new or substantial changes to existing programs that will be submitted to the SCCRC for Regional Program Recommendation. The announcement or of submission of the Notice of Intent helps to initiate dialogue and provides opportunities to share ideas, existing curriculum and/or other information and resources to strengthen each and every program in the regional colleges.

Step 2: Request Labor Market Information from the Center of Excellence (COE)

LMI Data Request Form

The PCAH 6th Edition (page 86) states: “Pursuant to Education Code section 78015 Labor Market Information (LMI) data is specifically required for all new CTE program proposals, where available. Current LMI and analysis, or other comparable information, must show that jobs are available for program completers within the local service area of the individual college and/or that job enhancement or promotion justifies the proposed curriculum.”

The Chancellor’s Office and the SCCRC relies on consistent LMI data provided by the region’s COE in order to make a recommendation for program approval. At their discretion, colleges may submit other LMI data in addition to the LMI provided by the COE.

Step 3: Complete the “Request for Regional Recommendation” Online

Regional Recommendation Request Form

In addition to general program information, you will provide a narrative response to the topics listed below. These narrative responses should be the SAME responses you will provide to the CCCCO when you are ready to submit your program for formal approval (chaptering).

  • Program Goals and Objectives – must address a valid workforce preparation purpose and may address transfer preparation.
  • Catalog Description – includes program requirements, prerequisite skills or enrollment limitations, student learning outcomes, and information relevant to program goal.
  • Program Requirements – includes course requirements and sequencing that reflect program goals. The GE pattern and the calculations used to reach the degree total must be shown following the program requirements table.
  • Enrollment and Completer Projections – projection of number of students to earn degree annually.
    In addition to the narrative responses above, you will also attach the following to your submission:
  • LMI Report – provided by the COE and any other LMI data that you may have.

The region is committed to a 2-week minimum review, and act on all requests for regional recommendation within 30 days, provided the request is complete at the time it is submitted. The regional CTE Voting Deans hold regular monthly meetings to vote on a program recommendation request. Requests may be reviewed and voted on electronically in order to honor the 30-day turn-around.

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