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Advanced Manufacturing

South Central Coast Region

Why Advanced Manufacturing?

The manufacturing sector is critical to California’s economy. For every one job created in manufacturing, at least two and a half jobs are created to support this sector. Further, manufacturing firms create regional wealth by producing a product that is exported across the state, nation and/or world. This attracts additional funds to the region — building wealth for businesses, individuals and community. Because of this ripple effect, manufacturing firms have a deeper impact on the state of the economy than most other industries.

Our Programs

Fast Track CNC Machinist Program

This intensive 8-week job training program will prepare you for an entry-level job as a CNC machinist at aerospace, automotive, medical device and other manufacturing companies. CNC Machinists use Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine tools, such as mills and lathes to produce precision metal parts.

Today’s CNC machinists produce small and large quantities of a diverse array of components, especially components requiring the use of complex operations and great precision.  Precision is often measured in thousandths of an inch (0.001 inches). CNC machines follow detailed computer programs created by manufacturing engineers and CNC machinists to control the tool selection, tool speed and tool path needed to produce complex machined components.

Upon graduation from the program, trainees receive Industry-recognized credentials, WorkKeys Test Certification, ToolingU module certificate, CNC job interviews and potential career placement.

For CNC Machinist Program and class information, click here.

Uniquely Abled Academy CNC Machinist Program for Individuals with high-functioning Autism

The UAA at College of the Canyons is a 12-week program with over 300 hours of in-class instruction led by a highly experienced CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) operator and instructor, plus 60 hours of focus on job readiness, soft skills, and open laboratory. Trainees will learn to program, set up, and operate CNC machines combined with using quality control instruments, shop mathematics and blueprint reading. Graduates will qualify for a number of entry-level positions, including machine trainee, machinist apprentice, CNC operator, and CNC programmer.

The College of the Canyons’ Uniquely Abled Academy provides an intensive career preparation program for job seekers with high functioning autism looking for an opportunity to start a new career as a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinist.

For UAA Program and class information, click here.

Open House at The Uniquely Abled Academy!

February 4, 2020 at 5:30PM

College of the Canyons, University Center, Rm 107
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Michael Bastine, Regional Director
South Coast Central Region

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