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Energy, Construction & Utilities

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Why Energy, Construction and Utilities?

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EWD’s industry-specific workforce services are coordinated by Deputy Sector Navigators and Regional Directors who align community college and other workforce development resources with the needs of industry sectors that result in highly specialized industry training, technical consulting and business development. Our grant programs and leveraged partnerships allow us to offer the most cost-effective workforce training and consultative services for California’s energy (efficiency), utilities and construction businesses. We have the same goals as California businesses – when you succeed, we succeed.

The Energy, Construction and Utilities Sector provides a single point of contact for industry to meet its workforce needs through the California Community College System. New knowledge and skills can be developed for all energy efficiency and utility jobs – from generating plant to the wall socket. The same workforce span applies for jobs in natural gas, water, and waste water utilities. Additionally, this sector focuses on workforce development to meet the mandates of AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act. This workforce addresses electrical, mechanical, and construction technologies to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

Faculty who wish to connect with industry to effectively align curriculum to the emerging needs of this sector should contact the Energy, Construction and Utilities Regional Director for their region. There will be numerous faculty professional development opportunities available.

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