Strong Workforce Program (SWP)

The South Central Coast Regional Consortium (SCCRC) serves to facilitate and promote effective regional educational initiatives for its member colleges and key stakeholders in support of local, regional, and statewide workforce development efforts. We leverage employer, community, and educational resources to create and maintain a highly skilled workforce that meets our regional needs.

Our Goals

  • Strengthening communication, coordination, and timely decision-making in regional workforce training and education efforts,
  • Enhancing participation in career pathway development and implementation,
  • Reinforce regional leadership and operational partnerships among community college, industry, labor, and other workforce and economic development entities to improve the delivery of career and technical education,
  • Align college programs with regional and industry needs, create a sustained public outreach campaign for industry, high school students, counselors, parents, faculty, staff, and the community,
  • Promote career development, and reinforce the value of career and technical education programs.

Our Workforce Partners

Contact us today about how you can become a partner with us in our workforce innovations, programs and special initiatives.

Visit the Strong Workforce Program site for more information about the state-wide program.

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