16-17 Final Report DSN Health SB 1070 Funds

Narrative of Activities

SB 1070 – In Regional Outcomes

The DSN Health for the South Central Coast works in tandem with the other five sectors Deputy Sector Navigators and regional Technical Assistant Providers to assure there are consistency and open communication to the resources, data and support each brings to the region. In that, there are many activities that occur throughout the year where we meet with the Workforce Development Boards, Industry and Community College Administration and Faculty. These include regional roundtable discussions, advisory board meetings, chamber meetings and other networking events.

This funding provided DSNs to develop relationships with high and middle school teachers and counselors; provided faculty with opportunities to network with high school teachers in like disciplines; hosted summer institutes for students in bridging career awareness in health care pathways; summer institutes for faculty training in Biotechnology; Innovation in Teaching Strategies; faculty and teacher immersion into industry job shadowing.

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