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Strong Workforce Program

At California Community Colleges

What is Strong Workforce?

Strong Workforce Program: More and Better Career Technical Education to Increase Social Mobility and Fuel Regional Economies with Skilled Workers

To develop more workforce opportunity and lift low-wage workers into living-wage jobs, California took a bold step in 2016 to create one million more middle-skill workers. At the recommendation of the California Community College Board of Governors, the Governor and Legislature approved the Strong Workforce Program, adding a new annual recurring investment of $248 million to spur career technical education (CTE) in the nation’s largest workforce development system of 113 colleges.

Grouped into seven areas targeting student success, career pathways, workforce data and outcomes, curriculum, CTE faculty, regional coordination and funding, this leading-edge state economic development program is driven by “more and better” CTE. The “more” is increasing the number of students enrolled in programs leading to high-demand, high-wage jobs. The “better” is improving program quality, as evidenced by more students completing or transferring programs, getting employed or improving their earnings.

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SCCRC Strong Workforce Program 4-Year Plan

SCCRC’s SWP 4-year plan identifies the opportunities for growth of existing career education programs, the development of new ones, and regional opportunities for collaboration to capitalize on categorical funding provided by the State of California which will better serve the communities within our region.

SCCRC Regional Strong Workforce Program Report 2016 – 2020  
Strong Workforce Program Chancellor’s Office Memos
Chancellor’s Office SWP Allocation Memos

SCCRC Regional Governance Structure

The governance structure and decision-making authority was recommended by the SCCRC Governance working group formed at the Regional Conversation 2.0 in March 2016 and approved by the CIOs and then the CEOs in the region in August 2016.

Regional Projects and Funding

Round 7  22-23 Regional Sub-Award Notifications – Spending Plans

Round 6  21-22 Regional Sub-Award Notifications – Spending Plans

Round 5  20-21 Regional Sub-Award Notifications – Spending Plans

Round 4  19-20 Regional Sub-Award Notifications – Spending Plans

Round 3  18-19 Regional Spending Plan & Reallocation Sub-Award Notification

Round 2  17-18 Regional Spending Plan

Round 1  16-17 Regional Spending Plan

SCCRC Documents

The documents and templates below support the notification and distribution of SWP between SBCC as the SWP regional fiscal agent and the Districts in the region, in addition to the movement of money between Districts.

Regional SWP Master Agreement Addendum (Oct 2022)
Regional SWP Master Agreement Addendum (May 2020)
SCCRC Signed Master Agreement & Addendum (Sept 2018)

SCCRC Document Archives (2017-2018)

SWP Communications Plan

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