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Strong Workforce Program

K12 Strong Workforce Program

What is K12 Strong Workforce Program?

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), in partnership with the California Department of Education (CDE), is pleased to announce the K12 Strong Workforce Program (K12 SWP). Beginning in 2018-2019, Education Code §§ 88827 establishes the kindergarten through 12th grade component of the Strong Workforce Program appropriating $150,000,000 in annual ongoing career education funding to strengthen the pathways for students from secondary to post-secondary education.

K12 SWP intends to create, support, and/or expand high-quality career education programs at the K12 level that are aligned with the workforce development efforts occurring through the community college Strong Workforce Program and regional priorities.

Goal of K12 Strong Workforce Program

The goal of the K12 SWP is to increase the levels of college and career readiness among students which will support their successful transition from secondary education to post-secondary education and, ultimately, to career.

SCCRC Strong Workforce Program 4-Year Plan  January 2021

SCCRC’s SWP 4-year plan identifies the opportunities for growth of existing career education programs, the development of new ones, and regional opportunities for collaboration to capitalize on categorical funding provided by the State of California which will better serve the communities within our region.

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