Moorpark College Work-Based Learning Program Championed by Representative Julia Brownley

Moorpark College is proud to announce that its Work-Based Learning Program has been chosen to be one of the nine programs to potentially benefit from the more than $20.6 million dollars requested by Congresswoman Julia Brownley for Ventura County.  The $225,000 requested for the Moorpark College Work-Based Learning Program would provide 150 students, $1,500 in paid internships for working in local businesses while earning college credit.

“I’m proud that so many of our community’s priorities were included in this first round of the appropriations process,” said Congresswoman Julia Brownley. “Our work is only now beginning and as these projects make it through the legislative process. I will continue to fight for Ventura County’s priorities.”

The appropriation funding would be used for work-based learning opportunities for students and local community members by giving them real-world insights into potential careers. The project supports 150 students in internships that provide experiential learning. The project would fund 150 college student internships at $1,500 each. Students would work at area businesses for at least 75 hours, earning $14.50 per hour while enrolled for college credit. The $1,500 internship total also includes administration and payroll fees and statutory benefits. While earning college credit in a Moorpark College internship class, students engage with employers in tasks that benefit the business and the student. Students gain experience by applying classroom concepts in a real-world environment. These paid internships are designed to supplement a student’s income while they are attending Moorpark College by allowing them to work in their fields of study as opposed to other jobs that might not be furthering their ultimate career goals.  Read more…



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