Hancock College turns blue to honor health-care workers, first responders

Drivers on Highway 101 in Santa Maria can now witness Hancock College turning blue every night. Recently, the school began illuminating two of its highway-facing buildings with a neon-blue-colored tribute to healthcare workers and first responders risking their lives during the COVID-19 crisis.

College president Kevin G. Walthers reportedly approached PCPA production manager Jeff Allen with the idea.
“Facilities asked if PCPA could help to turn some of the existing facility lights blue to show support for first responders,” Allen explained.
The PCPA came through, lending the college their blue gel colored filters, typically used in their theatrical productions.  The college’s facilities crew instilled the gel into existing lighting fixtures, altering the usually white lights to a purplish-blue.
“When President Dr. Walthers came to us about an idea, we were happy to work together to honor the front line workers giving so much every day to keep us safe,” a PCPA spokesperson stated. “PCPA was delighted to lend our blue gels, used for theatrical lighting, on the buildings of AHC so that all can see as they drive past on the 101. Thank you healthcare workers and first responders. We are in this together.”
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