Kevin G. Walthers: Allan Hancock College is best quality, best value

Most of our community understands the quality and value Allan Hancock College provides for our community. While national enrollment at community colleges is falling, we are seeing increased enrollment at AHC, largely due to our wildly successful Hancock Promise. Over the past two years, we have increased the number of local high school graduates enrolling at Hancock by more than two-thirds. In fact, more than half of the 2019 high school graduates in our service area enrolled at Allan Hancock College this year!

The key to our success centers on affordability for students. The Hancock Promise is a public/private partnership that assures local high school graduates that their first-year tuition at Hancock will be paid. The Promise is an investment in students, who in turn invest their own personal capital by committing to attend full time and to take math and English in their first year. We know these elements are building blocks to completion, and the results are clear: more than sixty-five percent of our first Promise cohort is enrolled at Hancock for their second year. That’s how we change the odds for our community.  Read more…

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