RACIAL EQUITY IN ONLINE ENVIRONMENTS: Chancellor’s Office/USC CUE Webinar Series Recordings & Transcripts

Webinar I – Series Introduction: The Importance of Equity-Minded Virtual Practices During COVID19: A Conversation with Students – Thursday, 4.23.2020 

Introduction to CUE and webinar series by Chancellor Eloy Oakley and Dr. Estela Bensimon. This webinar session will provide a foundation of understanding to Equity-Mindedness. This webinar will introduce key terms and principles which will guide every webinar in this series. In addition, five student panelists will join to engage in a discussion about their experiences transitioning into online learning in the midst of COVID-19. 

The recording for webinar 1 is available here 

The transcript for webinar 1 is available here

Webinar II – Equity-Minded Online Teaching: Using Canvas as a Model – Thursday, 4.30.2020

Professor Jennifer Ortiz will illustrate how to use Canvas with an equity mindset. She will provide examples of techniques and strategies which can be easily applied in any course. For example, she will show participants the video message she uses to welcome students into her class. This session will also have a focus on the implementation of AB705. Professor Ortiz is the Chair of English at LA Trade Tech and a Fellow at the Center for Urban Education. She has collaborated with CUE’s staff on the development of equity-minded teaching materials.

The recording for webinar 2 is available here 

The transcript for webinar 2 is available here

Webinar III – Being Aware of Learning Opportunities and Constraints Posed by Online Teaching and Moving Towards Anti-Racist Practices – Thursday, 5.7.2020

This webinar will address the “taken-for-granted” practices and assumptions that shape the online learning environment and ways in which they can be detrimental to the success of minoritized students. For example, many students only have access to a cellular phone and instructors are not considering how the materials they upload may become distorted on a phone. The current circumstances are overwhelming and it is easy for instructors to default to the students who have the know-how to navigate technology.

The recording for webinar 3 is available here

The transcript for webinar 3 is available here

Webinar IV: Online Support as an Anti-Racist Practice – Thursday, 5.14.20

The immediate and unforeseen transition to exclusively online courses and administrative services in the wake of COVID-19 can make it difficult for administrative and students. In this webinar, panelists will: 1) discuss how administrators can proactively engage students with the goal of building and sustaining authentic relationships with minoritized students and 2) share strategies for doing so in online teaching and virtual support.

The recording for webinar 4 is available here

The transcript for webinar 4 is available here

Webinar V: Equity-Minded Mathematics Instruction – Thursday, 5.21.2020

This webinar will include one or more math instructors from California and Colorado who have worked with CUE on developing pedagogical practices that are critically race conscious. This session will address: (1) traditional vs equity-minded conceptions of the ways in which math is done and thought about, (2) how to draw upon student’s knowledge, (3) noticing racialized patterns in data close to practice (gradebook and attendance mapping, designing homework problems), (4) engaging students conversations that focus on how they are experiencing the online environment.

The recording for webinar 5 is available here

The transcript for webinar 5 is available here

Webinar VI: How to Express Care with a focus on Racial Equity – Thursday, 5.28.2020

This session is informed by common assumptions that racially minoritized students are deficient. Often times instructor’s and administrators’ responses imply that “racial equity” means to provide interventions that “fix students”. This session will critically address how to provide authentic care to students with a focus on racial equity.

The recording for webinar 6 is available here

The transcript for webinar 6 is available here

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