California Adult Education Programs (CAEP) throughout the South Central Coast Region concentrate on the different and changing educational needs of adults, and the region’s programs include both K12 Adult Schools and community college noncredit. Their goal is to work closely with workforce and education partners, community stakeholders, and industry to ensure adult students are prepared for life, for work, and to support their families no matter where they are in their educational journey. 

The Region’s CAEP consortia offer a variety of popular career training programs that deliver customized curriculum needed to meet the diverse training and skills needs of businesses, ensure a skilled workforce with high employment potential, lead to industry certifications, and provide the foundation for advanced career pathways.

The SCCRC holds bi-annual meetings where best practices are shared, relevant presentations and data are explored and discussed, and relationships are built and sustained. Importantly, the SCCRC seeks to strengthen the transition between CAEP career education and workforce readiness students to community college credit programs and/or direct entry into the workforce. 

The CA Regional Education-to-Workforce Dashboard was designed to show regionalized labor market data in relation to regional educational offerings.

In addition to noncredit offerings at all eight of the Region’s community colleges, here are the Adult Education schools in the South Central Coast Region: