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Global Trade

South Central Coast Region

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Why Global Trade?

California is a global trade and logistics powerhouse, with 2017 exports hitting $171.9 billion in American-made goods, the majority of which were manufactured products. It’s estimated that more than 800,000 jobs are supported by California’s exporting and importing of goods and services, licensing of technology and intellectual property, and investments across international boundaries — including logistics, finance, marketing and management of business processes to support trade.
Global Trade is an area of tremendous growth, especially in the Los Angeles region. Some of the largest areas of growth are in technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and ecommerce. Each of these areas are experiencing shortage of workers and have a large number of international customers.
Over the next five years more than 21,430 new job openings will be created. Additionally, the industry will need more than 69,910 replacement workers

World’s Economy: As of 2017, California became the 5th largest economy in the world.
Consumers: 95% of consumers in more than 225 countries buy California goods and services.
Jobs: The Global Trade sector supports 5,590 jobs for every $1 billion in exports.

Adilene Polis, Regional Director
Project Director Global Trade
South Central Coast

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