SEEAG Looking for Farms to Host Farm Lab Field Trip Agricultural Education Program in Santa Barbara County

Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG) is looking for farms in Santa Barbara County to host its Farm Lab field trip agricultural education program.

Farm Lab is an opportunity for schoolchildren in the area to visit a farm so they can learn firsthand about the importance of local farming and build awareness of and appreciation for agriculture—from farm to consumer. It emphasizes and encourages healthy eating habits as part of the curriculum. SEEAG instructors lead the program.⁠ The program is free and all supplies and transportation to Farm Lab are provided at no cost to schools wishing to participate.

SEEAG held its first Farm Lab field trip in Santa Barbara County last week in Santa Maria at Allan Hancock College Vineyard and Community Garden. Fifty-two third graders from Battles Elementary School participated. Students picked and tasted produce from the garden and went home with fresh produce and vegetable seedlings. Read more…

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