VCCCD Overcomes CSU Resistance, Launches Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Moorpark College has been granted approval by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to offer a bachelor’s degree in Biomanufacturing. The program will first be available in the fall of 2024.

The program is a two-year process that is intended to follow the procurement of an associate’s degree in Biotechnology and the completion of a general education curriculum.

Beginning in the fall of 2025, Oxnard College will be offering a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene, and Ventura College will offer a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Career Education.

Alex Likes, a first-year student at Moorpark College, shared his thoughts regarding the new bachelor’s degree programs.

“I think this is a good improvement because it gives students more freedom and opportunities,” Likes stated.

Approval of the bachelor’s degree in Biomanufacturing is the first step toward Moorpark College’s goal of offering higher-level degrees in many fields. At the moment, the college is in the process of gaining approval for a Bachelor of Science in Applied Cybersecurity and Network Operations. Although, this task is not easily accomplished.

Mari Estrada-Gonzalez, the bachelor degree program director at Moorpark College, explained the obstacles community colleges face when seeking approval for a bachelor’s degree program.

“The way the law works, we cannot duplicate a program that exists at any [California State University],” Estrada-Gonzalez explained. “It’s not regional. If it exists in Eureka and we want to do it here, [the CSU] can submit a dispute and stop the whole process.”   Continued…

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