16-17 Final Report DSN Health SB 1070 Funds

Narrative of Activities SB 1070 – In Regional Outcomes The DSN Health for the South Central Coast works in tandem with the other five sectors Deputy Sector Navigators and regional […]

DSN Health Workplan Objectives & Activities 17-18 (17-156-008)

DSN Regional plan aligned with SWP metrics Please review the attached workplan objectives and activities that align with the regional SCCRC strategic plan and the SWP metrics. Download DSN_Health_South_Central_Coast_17_18_Workplan_17-156-008_SCCCD.pdf

Noncredit Curriculum 101

CCCCO Academic Affairs Division Presentation Noncredit Curriculum 101 Chantée Guiney, Specialist Health Workforce Initiative Deputy Sector Navigator Meeting January 18, 2018 Academic Affairs Division | Chancellor’s Office Download Health_Workforce_DSN_Noncredit101_CG_01302018.pdf

DSN Health Grant Reports

Quarterly Activity Reports Please find the quarterly reports for the DSN Health SCCRC. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Download DSN_HEALTH_17_156_008_YEAR-TO-DATE_EXPENDITURES_AND_PROGRESS_REPORT_SCCCD_-_COC_2nd_Qrtr_report.pdf Download DSN_HEALTH_16_156_008_YEAR-TO-DATE_EXPENDITURES_AND_PROGRESS_REPORT_SCCCD_-_COC_4th_qrtr_report_1070.pdf