Manufacturing is the pathway to a technological career

In today’s global economy, manufacturers are required to be nimble, technologically advanced and efficient. To accomplish this, the manufacturing industry is becoming a high-tech hub more computer-driven than ever. Instead of being a threat to jobs, however, computers are helping skilled workers increase productivity and companies protect their bottom line.

This evolution to more computer wizardry requires that workers have specialized skill sets. Yes, they still need to understand the process behind transforming raw materials into a product and how to work with their hands. However, now workers also need to understand the complexities of operating a CNC (computer numerical control) machine that enables the user to program the specifics of a part with precision and consistent results.

Digital transformation of the factory floor will accelerate, writes Amar Hanspal in “Five Predictions For The Manufacturing Industry In 2021” on “The pandemic reminded manufacturers about the fragility of relying on labor, access to physical space, and centralized factories half-way around the world to produce goods. Fortunately, advanced technology — sensors, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, cloud computing, edge computing, and 5G network infrastructure — has proven to increase supply chain resiliency for manufacturers who adopt it.”  Read more…

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