Oxnard College’s Dental Hygiene and Fire Academy Programs Named 2021 Bellwether Award Finalists

The Bellwether College Consortium named Oxnard College’s Dental Hygiene and Fire Fighter I/II Academy programs as 2021 Bellwether Award finalists. The college is one of 30 nationwide eligible for the award, which is a highly competitive and nationally recognized award focusing on cutting-edge, trendsetting programs worthy of replication.

Oxnard College is the only college in California to have two programs selected as Top 10 finalists. The Dental Hygiene program was honored in the category of Instructional Programs and Services; the Fire Fighter Academy in the Workforce Development category.

The programs are being recognized for their ongoing excellence and efforts in response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Guidance for Essential Workforce.” The order stated that during the COVID-19 pandemic colleges are to continue instruction in programs that support the essential critical infrastructure of the workforce, which includes fire and rescue services and healthcare.

“This is a great honor that not only one, but two of our programs were selected as finalists,” said Oxnard College President Luis Sanchez. “Oxnard College and these two programs prepare students for the workforce even in the most challenging of situations. The ability to redirect during a pandemic demonstrates the commitment of our faculty and the resilience of our students.”  Read more…

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