Regional Collaboration & Coordination (RCC) Grant

This funding opportunity to California Community Colleges is for a host district/college in each region to provide Regional Collaboration and Coordination (RCC), working with the colleges and key stakeholders in the regional workforce and economic development ecosystem to help drive:

i. Collaboration and coordination of career education programs among colleges in each identified region;
ii. Regional strategies to reduce employment and equity gaps; Page 7 of 28 June 2021 Regional Collaboration and Coordination Grant
iii. Capture and dissemination of valuable, region-specific employer, industry, and student success data;
iv. Develop strategies and structures that provide comprehensive supports to serve part-time and adult learners; and
v.  Evolution of current regional governance structures and employer engagement functions that are much more inclusive.

The host district/college in each region will support a regional team that will work to coordinate, collaborate, organize, and facilitate interaction in the region to ensure workforce training is provided to all in a way that is accessible, efficient, responsive, data-driven and improves outcomes. These efforts will be measured by the following outcomes:

i. The expansion of work-based learning for all students;
ii. The increase of student employment outcomes; and
iii. The responsiveness of colleges to the training needs of employers.

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